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Serving Business to improve quality of work you will get your talents candidates


Reduce Time 90%


Reduce Cost 85%


Lower First Year Turnover 35%


Pre-Hire 360


We are aware that recruitment is a delicate process; nevertheless our years of experience and dedication allow us to be up for the challenge at all times.

Our main perspective involves ensuring that both employer and employee are satisfied to the highest degree. Our solutions guarantee that all positions are filled by the most suitable candidates, and we make sure that all staffing requirements are met as a result of a productive, feasible strategy.

We prove the efficiency of our tested processes with immediate results.

Yallawork help your business by:

The Process of a Pre-Hire 360

  1. Arrange to meet up with the client and identify the package, the requirements and needs

  2. Get the job order and job description

  3. Study the job description and the requirements of the client

  4. Post the job and place advertisements (Feature jobs, featured company and any advertisement needs by the client)

  5. Receive resumes, Filter resumes, Screening and shortlisting

  6. Interview candidates

  7. Reference and Assessment

  8. Select the most suitable candidates

  9. Prepare the candidates comparison report and send to Client

  10. Follow up with client

  11. Arrange for the candidate to interview with client – 1st round

  12. Follow up again with client

  13. Arrange a 2nd interview (if any)

  14. Follow up again with client

  15. Client satisfaction for the requirement and needs


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