Starting Recruitment with posting jobs, What the Benefits ?

Posting Jobs

- Job Posting for 90 Days

Post jobs on Social Media

Weekly email invites to eligible candidates

Job Alerts, one shot to candidates

Customized Questions for each job

Whatsapp Alert

Featured Jobs

Are job posts that receive enhanced prominence on the site and attract the highest quality proposals. 
You can set up your job from the beginning as a Featured Post or Relist an existing Job Post as Featured.
Featured posts: Are highlighted at the top of job search results.
Featured Companies
Allows to display list of companies logos in home page of the website
This is usually being used  to showcase biggest or well known companies that are using job board, so
basically this is a promotional tool.
Post Courses gives companies authorities to publish training courses on the website for free and to take advantage of more registrations from our users and to take advantage of financial profit.


Video Presentation

Allows to display Video of companies Profiles or Managers talks in website

  This is usually being used  to show more details about companies  or the thought leadership, 

   so basically this is a promotional tool for the companies and Managers


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